Itai Liptz

Itai Liptz- all about MMA

 Itai Liptz is MMA expert. He loves sports freedving mountains climbing rock, climbing Brazilian, jujitsu and martial arts Thai -boxing

 Itai Liptz worked with special needs kids for years and find grate  satisfaction from this

Itai lived in Thailand South Africa and travelled to many placses in the world.

This site is dedicated to MMA, a sport that Itai Liptz specializes in. Welcome to read and learn.

Itai Liptz was born hypotonic with dyslexia and dysgraphia and with ADHA

I  started studying at the Open University and continued to practice sports, he climbed Kilimanjaro solo, a year later he climbed Aconcagua, which is considered a very difficult mountain to climb, twice won the Z-1 World Championship and broke a free diving record.

Itai graduated after 4 and a half years with a degree at the Open University, and was accepted for a master’s degree at Oxford and IE.

Itai liptz received a scholarship at IE for creativity and mistakes in sports, in addition to all this Itai works and has worked with people who have special needs in places like Kfar Idod Akim Jerusalem, Elin Hospital Beit Izzi Shapira. And even brought people with special needs to impressive  My spark is to want to dream and dare to achieve it I don’t let any disability I have stop me from achieving anything. It just means I will work harder.

The moment I realized that each of us is special and there is no one like him in the world, the day I realized that I am special and not a failure, I took a world championship.

That day I stopped being afraid of failure and realized that it is an integral part of success, I don’t know many people who have failed like me in life.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the number of times we run out of breath. A powerful spark with Itai Liptz